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Free Numerology Reading

Reveal the Forces that Govern Your Life
or Anyone's You Specify

Find out what the unseen psychic powers within you are that direct your success and well-being
what you have to achieve in this life
above anything else

Improve Your

Career Prospects
Sex Life
And Other Important Areas of Your Life

Prosperity, Happiness and Fulfillment
can be yours

certus Free Numerology Reading works for the General Public,
the Counseling & Healing Professions,
and for Personnel Management

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If you are looking for
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and additional areas of interest in which you seek information that you can reliably use to have a more successful and fulfilling life, your quest will be highly rewarded with certus Free Numerology Reading.

In a strict sense, a Numerology Reading is a form of Psychic Reading as it delves deep into the regions of your psyche, however, without the influencing factor of a personal, subjective interpretation (read more about our system in our library file
Library File certus Free Numerology Reading).

Each of our certus Free Numerology Reading is a Reading Online and is delivered onscreen within a few seconds.

certus Free Numerology Reading have developed a new, unique method of numero-psychometric analysis to detect the conditions that restrain you from enjoying the prosperity and happiness you (or a business/company) could have according to the inborn gifts and talents. In an unparalleled synthesis certus Free Numerology Reading have combined the wisdom of the ancient sciences of numerology and acrophonology as found in the Qabbalah and in the Pythagorean teachings, with the means of modern psychometry to deliver a report that is quantifiable and which you can depend on in your short and long term planning, or to sort out situations that have become fruitless or unbearable.
Find out what you always wanted to know about yourself, friends, lover, relatives, the boss, employees, or partner company. Read on to see how certus Free Numerology Reading can help you.

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You (or by analogy a business/company) may have the problem that

  • you are unhappy in your job and not getting anywhere -- you may not exercise the occupation you are supposed to have according to your natural aptitudes
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will give you practical information on your career path)
  • you repeatedly face relationship problems -- your and your partner's profiles may not complement each other
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will enable you to compare)
  • you have a frustrating sex life -- you may not be conscious of your or your partner's inborn needs in this area
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will make them very clear to both of you)
  • you suffer constant health problems -- you may not be informed about your body's natural dispositions towards certain illnesses and remedies
    (certus Free Numerology Reading goes into details)
  • you recognize that you are wasting a lot a time because of inner contradictions pulling you in different directions -- you probably don't know that have been born with psychic energies that are not in concordance with each other
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will explain how to bring them into working conditions)
  • you realize that there are these dé-jà-vu situations, every time leaving you frustrated because they restrict you in your success -- you may not be be aware that you have karmic debts
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will spell them out to you)
  • it may be a sobering experience to have misplanned the latest 25 years of your life -- you presumably didn't know that everyone's span is divided into three specific activity periods, different with every individual
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will give you a clear overview over the course of your entire life)
  • you do not see any purpose in your existence any more -- you may not know what is the specific reason for you to be in this particular life
    (certus Free Numerology Reading will enlighten you)

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Table of Contents of this website

( Table of Contents of certus Free Numerology Reading)

A Typical certus Free Numerology Reading

deals with approximately 100 psychic energies that control your behavior, how your life unfolds and how successful you will be.
You will learn such things as ... click A Typical certus Free Numerology Reading.

Testimonials, Reviews, Comparisons re our Numerology Readings

A.   A few excerpts from the many emails we have received

Thank you so much for such a terrific's the first thing I do each day! - You and your site are defininitely THE BEST!!!!!

Jennifer,, USA

The introduction alone was worth ordering. It gave me a whole new understanding of the meaning of life and that there is
a controlling psychic order behind everything.

K.S., Chicago, IL, USA

...amazing details about my girlfriend's inner life. I just didn't know why she always wanted to...

C.W., Ilford, Great Britain

My eyes opened wide when I read about the chronic lumbar problem I've been suffering from since my childhood.
The health dispositions are a strong part in your Numerology Reading.

A.F., Indooroopilly, QLD, Australia

Without doubt our intimate life has become more meaningful, and that includes the sex part!

M.M., Auckland, New Zealand

... as there is no objective approach in psychology to get to the personality the person has received by birth. Your system provides it. An excellent tool for the counseling profession; I have decided to incorporate your service in my daily psychic consultancy work.

H.K., Sydney, NSW, Australia

We didn't want to let him go. We knew he was a gifted employee. With his consent we ordered a certus Numerology Reading. It became the basis of a good understanding and work relationship.

K.J., Zurich, Switzerland

I'm using certus' website with its Numerology Reading for personal management to find out the good days for new projects. Since then I have been much more successful.

R.K.N., Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Met with big $$$ investor and meeting went very well...thank you deeply for your Numerology Reading and spiritual support which always seems to come at the right time!

D.W., Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

... can't believe that you drew all these details in your Numerology Reading from my birthdate and name. Looks like everyone is an open book.
But perhaps we are made that way.

F.M.S., Los Angeles, CA, USA

... refreshing to read that you make the point of an underlying ethical concept in the workings of the universe and clarify why no one is exempt from it. I appreciate that you make this very clear and explain why personal development is embedded in it.

A.J., Findhorn, Scotland, GB

... that you do not shy away from pointing out that I developed karma in the past when I did not take responsibility for my actions. Thanks for your excellent Numerology Reading.

B.M., Madras, TN, India

I have never understood why he always wanted me to ... Thanks to your Numerology Reading we have added another dimension to our sex life.

D.J., Las Vegas, Nev., USA

I have always suspected that all these stage plays we create in our lives are about learning in order to expand in consciousness and evolve. But how do we understand the meaning of the lessons if no one tells us the concept behind them? Thanks to your Numerology Reading I have a grasp of it now.

K.G., Toronto, ONT., Canada

...was tempted to believe that I was just too weak for life and therefore experienced all these dramas, despite that I was such a giving person. I see my position clearly now and know how to make changes for the better. I was born 9-9-1959.

I.R., Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Your assessment really brought home to me that we are all here to raise our spiritual awareness if we want to live in a better world and that each one of us was born with a particular task to contribute to the whole. Your Numerology Reading is more than a character profile. It delivers a message.

D.H., Phoenix, AR, USA

B.  Testimonials on this independent Website Watchdog Service iKarma and also in the blogs of Astrology Weekly 1, 2, 3, Todays Horoscope, and in Linda Goodman (scroll down in the message box).

C.  Comparison to similar website services in Yahoo Answers US, in Yahoo Answers MY and in Yahoo Answers ESP.

D.  Herward Hencke: to find references to Herward Hencke on the Internet, click the Submit button

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between Herward Hencke the creator of certus Free Numerlogy Reading and Cairns Spiritual Group Newsletter, Cairns, Australia, Sep through Nov 1997, on the occasion of an Australian lecturing tour.
Gain a few interesting insights into the background to the development of certus Free Numerology Reading by clicking here.

Numerology Reading: Services Free and Priced

Mostly free of charge, certus Numerlogy Reading give you a glimpse of the knowledge its system can provide.

Forecasting (or Backcasting)
The energy that determines what specifically you (or a business/company) have to experience on a given day, month, year, or long periods in the future or past.

Personality Profiles
Your or a business/company's Fundamental Lesson: What they have to do and learn from in this life above anything else.
Your or a business/company's Outstanding Characteristics: Strong features in the personality of which one should take advantage or be warned about.
Your or a business/company's Intimate Self: How they are; the You or business/company when no one is looking.
Your Challenges and under which conditions you or a business/company will Grow in this life.
Your or a bussines/company's Missing Abilities, ie the talents and gifts which were absent when they were born and for which they either have to make up or live with their privation.
Your or a business/company's Karmic Debts, ie heavy commitments they brought into this life and, based on the law of cause and effect, have probably not yet attended to in order to compensate them.
Your or a business/company's Career prospects, ie the type and the environment of the occupation in which they would find fulfillment, success and prosperity.

How you rate in relation to another person in the areas of Employer/Employee, Business Partners, Friends, Lovers, and Marriage, or as a non-natural person like a business or other legal entity in the areas of Parent Company/Subsidiary, Joint Ownership or Joint Management, Cooperation between two Companies, Temporarily Common Project, and Merging of two Companies.

Click certus Free Numerology Reading Services to proceed to our list of certus Free Numerology Reading online programs with all the utilities currently available.

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